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Tsukasaya Ryokan

Tsukasaya ryokan


Tsukasaya is a lovely, family-type ryokan in Yutagawa Onsen. The two owners put the emphasis on their food: local and fresh; they want to make you feel like you are within a Japanese family. Tsukasaya is the best place in Yutagawa to taste different kinds of local saké, as they have different "kikizake" (Japanese saké tasting course) menus.

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Japan, 〒997-0752 Yamagata, Tsuruoka, Yutagawa, 乙52


Was gibt es in der Umgebung zu sehen:

Yuzusame Shrine

Yuzusame Shrine

Yuzusame jinja

Though it was first built in 650, the current building is a reconstruction from the late 18th century.

Mt. Kinbo

Mt. Kinbo


The shrine got registered in the list of National Important Cultural Properties in 2001 for its importance in the history of the Shugendo religion.

Mizusawa's Kumano shrine

Mizusawa's Kumano shrine

Mizusawa no Kumano-jinja

The shrine was first built during the 10th century. Behind the shrine, the giant cedar tree, which age has been estimated over 1000 years old, has been registered in the National Natural Monuments lists in 1927.

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