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Mt. Haguro's Stone Stairway

Hagurosan ishidan



The 2446 stone steps of Mt. Haguro spread over 2 kilometers inside the mountain's cedar forest. Its construction was launched in 1648 by the Tendai Buddhist monk called Ten'yu and took 13 years to complete. Some of the cedar trees are 350 to 400 years old.
The track starts with the Mamakozaka 継子坂: the descending slope to the Haraikawa 祓川 river. Mt. Haguro's ascension begins with the Ichi no Saka 一ノ坂 (the first slope), the Ni no Saka 二ノ坂 (the second slope), and ends with the San no Saka 三ノ坂 (the third slope).
The cedar avenue has received three stars in the Michelin Green Guide.
This place is imperative for the Yamabushi undergoing their ritual training in the Dewa Sanzan.