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Ninosaka Teahouse

Ninosaka chaya



Mt. Haguro's stone stairway is composed of three "parts" called: the Ichinosaka ("first slope"), the Ninosaka ("second slope"), and the Sannosaka ("third slope"). The Ninosaka is the steepest of the three. It is also known under the name "Abura Koboshi" ("The Oil Spiller"), thanks to the legend that says Benkei the monk spilled the ceremonial oil he was carrying on the track because of how steep it was. At the end of the Ninosaka, a teahouse called Ninosaka Chaya awaits the tired traveler with mochi (pound rice cake), green tea, and water.
Unfortunately, the teahouse only accepts cash.


Praktische Information:

To go there,  get on the bus bound for Haguro-Gassan (bus timetable) and get off at Haguro Zuishinmon mae 羽黒随神門前. 

You need to climb Mt. Haguro's stairway to go there. The stone steps can be very slippery after the rain, so please watch your steps. Bring rainwear in case of bad weather, and water supply to prevent dehydration. 

Some people find Mt. Haguro's exploration to be a very physical exercise. Please make sure you are feeling well enough to walk Mt. Haguro's stone steps. 

Type of food served: Mochi, tsukemono pickles

Type of drinks served: Water, tea, sweet drinks

Price range: 500 - 1000 yen

Credit card accepted: No

Operating hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Closes on: Undetermined days + early November to late April

Da herum:

Zuishinmon Gate

The entrance gate to Mt. Haguro.


The shrine that worships the Three Mountains of Dewa altogether.


Hike to the top of Mt. Haguro

Hike to the top of Mt. Haguro

Climb the 2446 steps within the cedar forests that received 3 stars in the Green Michelin Guide.

Auf der Karte:

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