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Okimizuki is the name of the restaurant located inside Kamo Aquarium (the biggest jellyfish-themed aquarium in the world).
It is held by Suda Takeshi, a seafood chef that is mainly known for his cutting techniques of sole sashimi and his mastery of the fugu fish (blowfish).
Rest assured: Chef Suda owns the national diploma that allows cooking fugu fish for customers, and there is no risk for customers who will be tempted by the famous fish.
Chef Suda's fugu sashimi arranged into the shape of a crane is one of his most famous dishes. But he is also known for reinventing Tsuruoka's historical dishes in modern menus. For example, in 2021, he designed the Kitamaebune Gozen menu. This menu pays tribute to all the culinary discoveries and inventions the merchants brought to Tsuruoka when sailing across the Kitamae maritime road from the 18th century to the early 20th.

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